green-1Some say that the best type of lift for a handicap person, using a wheelchair or motor scooter, is a vertical handicap wheelchair lift, but what type of vertical lift?

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A vertical wheelchair lift is designed to carry its passenger, vertically, from one level to the next. All vertical wheelchair lifts have similar designs; each has a platform and is built with one of two mechanical systems. One system is the screw drive system. This system is made up of a motor, screw shaft, and a large nut. The platform is attached to the large nut, and the nut is attached to the screw shaft. When the motor spins the screw shaft, it lifts or lowers the nut, effectively lowering or lifting the platform.

The second system is the hydraulic drive system. This system is made up of a reservoir, a pump, a piston, and hydraulic fluid. To lift the platform, hydraulic fluid is pumped into the reservoir. As the reservoir fills, it enters the piston and the platform rises. When fluid is released from the piston, the platform is lowered. Now that you know how vertical handicap wheelchair lifts work, let’s talk about how you can choose the best option for your home or business.

Apex Wheelchair Lifts offers many different types of wheelchair lifts. Some are tailored for the home and others for the office. Apex Wheelchair Lifts offers four different vertical wheelchair lifts: Apex Green, Apex hydro, Apex Complete, and Apex Elite. If you are picky about mechanical systems, Apex Green is the only lift that operates with the drive system; the other three lifts all have the hydraulic drive. If you are looking for an economically smart wheelchair lift that can be used inside and outside with minimal installation, then the Apex Green is a good lift for you. If you are looking for a smooth riding lift that is going to look flawless with your homes interior, you might want to consider the Apex Hydro. If you want a stylish lift that is fully enclosed, check out the Apex Complete. And finally, if you’re in the market for a wheelchair lift of luxury, look no further than the Apex Elite; a custom made lift with the highest durability, strength, and class.


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